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Part Tsem Rinpoche continues his teaching about the importance of death meditation and why not giving up on Dharma work is key ---------------------------.


Jealousy makes you unsettled, have no peace, be unhappy and act in ways that make you deteriorate and be alone. How can you be jealous of other people who wo.

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The Role of a Parent - YouTube

What is the role of a parent in today’s world? Sadhguru reminds us that nobody has ever known the best way to be a parent. However, by spending sufficient ti.

First Look: Oprah and Author Jack Kornfield on Buddhism - Video - @Helen George #supersoulsunday

First Look: Oprah and Jack Kornfield on Mindful Living

Jack Kornfield explains the basic practices of Bhuddism which would help everybody be at peace entered in the Self. Check out the "Full Episode: Oprah and Jack Kornfield on Mindful Living" - Video - George

3 Ways To Be Grateful To Those Around You

3 Ways To Be Grateful To Those Around You

In our very busy lives, it's sometimes incredibly difficult to show everyone how grateful we are;