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Mind blown by so many of these. Why is this not the norm???? Dude the packing tape one is literal genius status

A bubbling fountain in the middle of a decorative metal grate. My kids love to play with this small, simple water feature for hours! I think it would be a fun design to include in a home garden.

I adore this waterscape made from an old watering can, a big bucket, a recirculating water pump, some metal mesh and decorative landscape stone.


Inspired by the traditional courtyards of Europe, this look is elegant and tailored and possesses old-world charm and romantic details. Think formal clipped hedges, ornate fountains, wrought-iron garden benches and stone pathways.

Inspiration for Luna’s Art Deco Guitar

Art Deco pen, neat looking prop, could possibly be modelled as a world prop. Another example of an everyday object made with an art deco style. Perhaps with a bit more experience in maya I could create my own set of assets in an art deco style.