love should look like this

Victory fist pump during the first kiss.every girl deserves a picture like this

To cute! Want this picture at my wedding! :)

Unique Wedding Photography ♥ Such a cute pose for the bride and groom. Or an engagement picture. Groom holding ring in box and her arms around his neck!

Flower Girl getting ready!!  Must do!

This is totally going to be Rachel on my wedding day! --Don't forget a "getting ready" photo of the flower girl! And then give it to her on her wedding day

I would take this pic and put it in my bedroom haha

Cute pic for the bedroom, sexy wedding photo idea, bride with red shoes and groom lifting skirt. definitely a different color shoe

My husband better look at me like this.

101 of the best wedding photos.some are seriously beautiful.these photos make my heart melt. Love the photo of the bride and groom playing with the flower petals


Bride and groom together before the ceremony but they are blindfolded so they can't see each other. If anything only the groom should be blindfolded since he can't see the dress!


Wedding Photo Ideas - A romantic photo idea captures a shared moment of happiness between bride and groom!