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Contra sweater

You don't even know the things I would do for a sweater like this. Or any video game based sweater, for that matter. I really need to learn to knit with multiple colors.

Doctor Who Christmas Stockings Blue Sweater

Deck the halls with Doctor Who everything! You can start with this cool Doctor Who Christmas Stockings Blue Sweater. This sweater features stockings of the and Doctors as well as a TARDIS stocking. This sweater is bold enou

Think that classic Nintendo system you found at a garage sale is cool? It's got nothing on this customized, backlit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed NES.

Customized Ninja Turtle NES Is Everything Good in This World

Michelangelo is looking for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Custom NES Console with FyndIt. Find more Toys & Games.

Poor little AT-AT

Wearing this Battle Damage t-shirt by Mike Jacobsen is far less embarrassing than wearing a cone of shame!


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What's funny is my husband is at the very top with his RPGs (which I enjoy watching him play)...while I'm waaayyy at the bottom playing FarmTown.  LOL

The Video Game Entertainment Curve

Video Game Entertainment Curve - Time Needed to Properly Enjoy Them