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The Absolut company officially connected with the art world in That year Andy Warhol painted "Absolut Warhol," which became the first of the brands art

낭만25-1, picasso, guernica

Pablo Picasso: Guernica 1937 Oil on canvas 349 cm × 776 cm in × in) in Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain

눈 내린 풍경을 담은 최고의 아트 19

Winter Landscape - Wassily Kandinsky – 1909 – óleo sobre cartão - x cm - The State Hermitage Museum, St.

키스해링 (Keith Haring) - 그래피티와 팝아트

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Romero Britto: Absolut Britto

Britto original handpainted & signed absolut promotional bottle

absolut boite surreal

The Print Ad titled Absolut Security was done for product: Absolut Vodka (brand: Absolut) .