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Transparent Toaster Concept

Transparent Toaster by design company Inventables ~ Currently just a concept. Toasts bread as the glass heats up / Gizmodo

25 Beautifully Designed Products

Wooden USB sticks by Chinese company Then. The patterns are inspired by traditional Chinese window frames. Quite beautiful.

It's a toaster that toasts your handwritten message from the board on the top of the toaster into the bread! this real life?

Rings by TourDeFork - A collection of five laser cut acrylic rings that can hold cakes, fruit, or sweets. TourDeFork designs easy & accessible DIY projects which can be downloaded for free from the magazine’s website & taken to the nearest FABlab (3-D priinting) to be transformed into real objects /

Big Bloom, A Magnifying Vase That Supersizes Your Flowers

Even if the garden you planted in the spring ends up looking like a devastated warzone by the summer, you can still impress your friends with what appear to be giant healthy blooms thanks to this magnifying Big Bloom vase.

Classic Whistling Tea Kettle by Le Creuset, a foundry that started in 1924 by creating cookware with brilliant colors & enamel exteriors. Kettles come in five charming innovative designs & have locking handles with phenolic knobs that make lifting, pouring & cleaning easy / http:/

"Modern Day Butler". This is pretty interesting. It holds your keys, wallet and iPhone. Holding the glasses is sweet.