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Confessions from the Fog: Lessons Learned In Life Like this.

No person has the right to condemn you for how you repair your heart or how long you choose to grieve because no-one knows how much you're hurting. Recovering takes time, and everyone heals at his or her own pace

This Native American prayer for the grieving is a version of Mary Frye's "Do Not Stand at My Grave" poem. This link tells the background: http://www.businessballs.com/donotstandatmygraveandweep.htm

This is so similar to the prayer I picked out for my mothers prayer card at her funeral. I never knew this was a Native American prayer for the grieving. Being part Native American, I see I picked the right words 💔

She's banged up

It's all in the way you want to be remembered. Be the girl with a smile on her face. Be the girl who stands up to her fears. Be the girl who takes chances and risks everything all because of love. Be THAT girl.


"I’m fiercely independent, but I’m also terrified of being alone" Adam Levine

I loved you like there was No tomorrow.... And then one day there wasn't </3

I loved you like there was no tomorrow.and then one day, there wasn't. Now I love like there is no tomorrow because all we really have is this minute


Grief quotes quote heart positive time truth inspirational loss wisdom inspiration grief I will live with it for a lifetime

Never settle for less. You deserve ALL of these.

You deserve honesty. You deserve transparency. You deserve someone who respects you enough to never lie to your heart. You deserve appreciation. You deserve loyalty. You deserve someone who would never abuse your trust. You deserve love.

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A poem for loss of a loved one. So sweet.Every breth I take, I take one for you. I miss you, Mom and Dad.

.... All true, except I cry all of the time too... I miss my sweet mama so much it physically hurts.

Grief Is ALWAYS Personal.What your hurting friend needs from you NOW.Read more. I wish someone would do this for me. 😔 I feel so alone

The grief is deep even though you may not be able to see it.

For many grievers, tears come in private places like the car or the shower, the garden or the closet . Just because you don't see us crying doesn't mean we aren't feeling the loss. To the contrary, we feel their loss QUITE DEEPLY.