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Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day are on the same day this year, May 4

Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day happen every year. This year they are on the same day, May Light speed to Endor to read comics.

One: How many comic plots in the 50s & 60s involved switching brains with gorillas? Two: How and why did they put Jimmy's desk in the gorilla cage? Three: Eek eek.

Forget Congorilla (Wikipedia "Congorilla," commit it to memory and then forgot it): Jimmy and a gorilla swap bodies in a DC gorilla fetish issue.

futurama: Farnsworth Parabox

I felt that the intertubes needed screencaps of all of the different universes.

Chanukah/Robanukah - Futurama | 10 Science Fiction Holidays Based In Reality

Chanukah/Robanukah - Futurama

awesome scifiseries: Happy Robanukah you meatbags!

Chris is on Infinite Earths: Justice League America #27 (1989)

Justice League America (Jun cover by Kevin Maguire. Homage to The Exorcist film poster.