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It’s the part of the day that probably excites you the least, but you may want to think about how you’d like to organise your formal family photos. These usually take place immediately after the ceremony, with different combinations of family. Regardless of whether you love or hate your family dynamics, you’ll want to ensure this time is handled quickly and efficiently.

7 Easy Steps to Organising Your Family Photos

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The couple can organize a few games during Picnic #BudgetWeddings that will keep the guests busy and entertained as they go through the wedding. You can look for simple games that will ensure everyone interacts with each other and has a good time.

A bride is traditionally carried over the threshold either to symbolize her reluctance to leave her father’s home or because evil spirits hovered over the threshold of a house—so she was lifted over the entrance to protect her from the spirits.

Image result for traditional wedding poses with family

Image result for traditional wedding poses with family