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Ogham Alphabet (Celtic tree alphabet)

The Ogham. ( pronounced OH-am or OH-yam ) , is also know as the Druid's Alphabet. The letters correspond to their 20 sacred trees. The alphabet was supposedly inspired by Ogma, god of eloquence. The letters are strung together along a central

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Lunar Calendar

La Luna Athanasius Kircher, Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae (Rome: Scheus, 'The Selenic Shadowdial or the Process of the Lunation'.

*POMPEII, ITALY ~ Hand of Sabazius Bronze House of Magic Rites, Pompeii Nestled in this hand is Sabazius, god of fertility, surrounded by symbols of regeneration — pinecone, snake, bird, nursing mother. The fingers form a gesture of blessing. Worship of Sabazius probably came to Pompeii with gladiators from Thrace, a region north-east of Greece.

Hand of Sabazios. Sabazios was a divine horseman and sky god of the Phrygians. The Romans would borrow aspects of his cult as part of the Dionysian mysteries.

I love the maps where the western half of North America is mostly guess work. This one is fun to look at. - - - Antique World Map

Horoscopium Geographicum from 'Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae' by Father Athanasius Kircher,