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This truck is bad-ass. I would love to own an F-250 one day! (spider edition 2006 ford f250 drivers side view)

This truck is bad-ass. (spider edition 2006 ford drivers side view) I need!


This motorhome is a different take on a monster truck RV.Where would you take this monster truck motorhome that would require this extreme outfitting.

Truck humor #landmarkautoinc

The red Cummins is so beautiful! Why would you ever make them mad? If I knew someone with a Dodge Cummins with duel stacks, lifted that high with big mud tires. umm, we'd be friends for life.

1950 Chevy 3100 sidestep Pick Up

1950 Chevy 3100 History: The first pickup to provide style and comfort as well as utility, the 3100 reigned as the nation’s best-selling truck during its 1947 to run. Read more: Classic Country Cars - Vintage Country Car Values - Country Living

A Corvette as a funny small car. :P

It’s not a Micro-Machine. It’s not a Golf Cart w/ a grill. It’s a Smart Car… With a Body Kit. That's right smart car body kits.

undergroundvelo:  gunrunnerhell:  Casspir Mk6 A large 6x6 armored personnel carrier, it seats a maximum of 16 troops + 2 drivers. Measuring ...

undergroundvelo: “gunrunnerhell: “Casspir A large armored personnel carrier, it seats a maximum of 16 troops + 2 drivers. Measuring in at 8 ft wide, ft tall and 24 ft long, with a top.

Earth Roamer.

Even tho it's a ford it's pretty cool! EarthRoamer was the first to build Xpedition vehicles in North America and our Ford based EarthRoamer XV-LT model line is currently the best-selling Xpedition Vehicle model in the world.

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steampunkvehicles: “ rocketumbl: “ Mercier 1937 Moto Chenille ” I’ve posted some old photos of this before, but didn’t realize any still existed.