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This instrument is clear evidence of the links between the astrolabe and astrology. On one side is an astrolabe for a single latitude, and on the other an astrological volvelle, used to find the positions of planets and other celestial bodies, especially in relation to the traditional astrological houses.

Links between astrolabe & astrology. On 1 side is an astrolabe 4 a single latitude & on th other an astrological volvelle, th positions f planets & other celestial bodies, especially in relation traditional astrological houses


Table of astronomy, from Cyclopaedia, or an Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, edited by Ephraim Chambers / Sacred Geometry ?

Transmutation Circle


Our final design. Like the one seen in Fullmetal Alchemist, this transmutation…

Engraving illustrating Hermetic astrology -Jakob Böhme ~1682

Alchemy and Mysticism from the Hermetic Library Author: Jakob Böhme Work: Theosophische Wercke Date: 1682