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Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra【KPOP Korean POP Music K-POP 韓國流行音樂】

Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra (Performance Version)【KPOP Korean POP Music K-POP 韓國流行音樂】

Wonder Girls' Tell Me, voted the best idol hit + Which other songs made the list? | allkpop

Video: Evolution of K-Pop | Cult | Korea kpop, girls generation, exo, wonder girls, big bang, 2ne1, psy, 2pm, super junior, music, snsd, kpop dance, dance, gangnam style, wheaton college, evolution, hot, candy, wondergirls, tell me, brown eyed girls, abracadabra, sorry sorry, gee, i am the best, fantastic baby, crayon pop, bar bar bar, growl, orange caramel, catalena, go crazy, akmu, 200%, illinois, college

Gain(가인) _ Bloom(피어나) MV - Quite possible the BEST k-pop video of the year. Major props to Ga In and her company for beautifully exploring female sexual awakening/pleasure in an industry that attempts to keep it on lockdown (although everything pretty much keeps it on lockdown rme). I could type a whole essay on this video but I won't because there is a character limit so BASICALLY YOU SHOULD JUST WATCH THIS.

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