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Companion planting is the secret, the lettuce and the onions complement each other on shape, flavor and allows us to plant more food in our raised beds.

Cut the bottom off a plastic pot to contain invasive plants & bury in the ground. I have been doing this for a few years & works great for containing plants that tend to spread, but that I still want to plant in the garden. This also works good for planting a plant in an area that tends to get filled with roots etc. from other plants. I will use a larger pot so that the plant can spread it's roots and grow deeper roots, but keeps other tree roots from choking out the one I planted.

People think I'm mad because I let my chickens roam about the garden. I have to protect a few plants like salads and the cabbage family but there's loads of other plants they don't touch or damage. I've a set in flickr called "Chickens in the vegetable garden" here : www.flickr.com/photos/hardworkinghippy/sets/7215761528827... To find out more about us and our garden and animals, my blog is: lafermedesourrou.blogspot.com/

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