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Ballet "Swan" Workout

10 Tips For Your First Recital!

Super Saiyan work out!

I'm sure this is completely worthless because I'm obviously not going to turn into a Super Saiyan after I complete this but I'll pin regardless because it's.well, a Super Saiyan workout.

8 Simple Abs Building Exercises

This website has a lot of workouts laid out so that if you want an idea of what to do, you can grab one and go. The filter at the bottom of the page lets you select the type of workout (abs, strength, HIIT, etc) if you'd like to filter it down.

Visual Workouts

When your mission in life is to hack and slash your way through enemies, traps and tricky situations in order to save the beautiful Zelda you know that success demands you have strength, agility and the kind of stamina only a true hero can possess.