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Completely plagiarized sign from Pinterest. I couldn't improve on it.

#4 - Play has pushed me in ways I couldn't imagine. I have learned to be free from what others think of my creations, and kept a competitor attitude. I was always able to have fun while exploring new trick and techniques, pushing myself to the limit and beyond. Most of my creations came from joking around, but the playfulness contributed hugely to my work. It is truly a continuation desire because of the inherent attraction for music.

Cuddle cup. Couldn't find a pattern without having to pay so I came up with my own pattern.

Its a hard cycle to break, and its even harder to have somebody in you life who cant see that they create their own storms, because they are so sensitive, they cant be told whats what, they become mad if they are told it may be different then how they see it, its a sad thing to watch, sadder to not be able to help, I pray for them, I hope you can for those in your life too, it couldn't hurt right? Just sayin~RP~

Every now and then, I get a compulsion to dust off my palette, unfold my easel, and slap some paint on canvas, a habit I've had since I was a teen painting on cardboard panels because I couldn't afford canvas. Here are some of my latest creations…

How did I do? She's playing one of the orphans in the play Annie Jr. Couldn't find the costume. So I made this for her. #anniejr #pinterest #diy #instagood #look

Cake I started for my son's going away party (ARMY BOOTCAMP)...to emotional couldn't finish it...

First things first, This is my first instructable and have been very excited to publish this project. I love this site as I am a do-it-yourselfer to the max (drives my wife crazy....lol) Please be kind on your comments and I will try to keep this short and sweet with plenty of pics along the way. I built this type of Keezer because I couldn't find one online that I like so I decided to build it myself. I enjoy brewing my own beer and having a Keezer to dispense my creations adds to...

I love being creative and working on projects with my son and I couldn't resist posting one of our fun creations on the blog! Here is a pu...

“The first show of my life was Alexander McQueen, I had tears in my eyes and I couldn't stand up when it was over. It was magical moment. I was totally obsessed about his creations. And I felt the urge to learn more about fashion and this industry. Fashion always has that kind of power. That’s why I can’t escape from it.”

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