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Image Search Results for Dr dre

Image Search Results for Dr dre

I tickled a striper because the voices in my head said so.... WTF!? These things are so weird!

Mine was dumb ,i beat a bowl of french fries because a clown stole my taco.whats yours? A clown did steal my taco tho.

My life is so different in my head. It's sad to think it would be like what's in my head.-Kevin

Don't wake me up. Listen to TheFatRat s version to this song! Its so amazing!


so all the voice people say i'm talking to are just people i wrote about.which are in my head.so i guess i am talking to the voices in my head, but you never know maybe I made a book character after you, so then I'm really talking to you in my

There's someone in my head but it's not me. I evicted that person and put a sign up that says no available space!

"There's someone in my head but it's not me." -Brain Damage, Pink Floyd (The Dark Side of the Moon)

Fantastic, now ALL of these are floating around in my head and I will proceed to do very little with the rest of my day but sing them throughout the house

Signs You're the Friend Who's the Ultimate Disney Fan

Disney Songs That Get Stuck In My Head. the one that has been stuck in my head most recently is "Let It Go!" from Frozen!

Yes! Thoughts are just sometimes so precious, I want to hold onto them so I can keep them to myself. They lose their sanctity when I share them.

Stop telling me I need to talk about it or that I need to grieve. I don't want to talk.if I talk, I cry. I loved him and his Donald Duck voice but I don't want to talk about it.

Red Bellied Woodpecker.  When seen at my feeder the bird was so fluffed up, I had a hard time finding it in a bird book!!

What to Feed Birds in the Winter - Best Foods