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“Life is too short to be arguing and fighting. Before you know it you’re going to be older and wish you didn’t spend your time being upset instead of enjoying your life.” Th…

He Turned our Mourning into Dancing!

Children watching mom and dad dancing photographer Susan Szasz - dancing in the kitchen! Aww this is so beautiful and so important! I remember lovingly watching my parents dance in the kitchen

Beautiful image of turtleneck fisherman sweater // Photograph by Matt Barnes via Dark Beauty Magazine

A Saturday Sweater Weather Slideshow

Not the pose, I repeat NOT the pose.but the idea of white background, white sweater, with her skin tone, that is gorgeous!

Terence Spencer Garota em lanchonete, 1953

Terrence Spencer :: Mavis sipping a strawberry milkshake in a white milk bar, aka Girl at a soda fountain counter or Girl in diner, 1953 [Getty Images - Terrence Spencer]

Very unladylike... and he does not mind at all

Make time to read things you enjoy. Photo: Woman reading on park bench, Central Park, New York, 1957

Stock photo of Young woman sitting in the bar. by MosunoMedia


Just pause your life for one minute and enjoy the current moment. Life is way more beautiful when you appreciate the little things :)

Bonnie & Clyde by Aram Bedrossian

Inspiring picture bonnie and clyde, couple, diner, love, restaurant. Find the picture to your taste!

Victoria Street, Gothenburg.

I think this image stands out due to the leading lines and the cross pattern between the rail lines. I feel that it also stands out because the lines start to disappear as they get further away. I think the dusk lighting also adds to the image with soft l

Brasserie Lipp, Saint Germain des Prés, Paris 1969

Henri Cartier Breton - in Paris, the mini skirt had arrived - not to everyones approval. Inspiration for our Monochrome Twist shoot in the June 16 issue.