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Here’s a story that I love about #glass: in the late Medieval period there was an unusual psychiatric disorder called the “glass delusion.” People affected by this thought that they were made of glass and were afraid that they were going to shatter into pieces. - Caitlin Hyde, Flameworker #iloveglass Photo: The shattered world we live in, Ryo Manabe, 2001. Learn more:

In early American pressed glass, the heart appears as symbol and decorative element. The design of this blue pressed cup plate includes two hearts pierced by arrows surrounded by flowers and four lyres. The hearts allude to Cupid, god of love, and the lyres represent Apollo, god of music and poetry. Cup Plate, United States, about 1835-1850. Pressed. (Gift of Louise S. Esterly, 60.4.711)

"I love #glass because at first glance it looks relatively straight forward and simple, but the deeper to look into it the more #mysteries you #discover." Astrid VanGiffen, assistant #conservator #iloveglass #cmog #conservation

Ice on my windshield this morning.

"Ice on my windshield this morning." cold weather people kinda sorta have it made (besides the whole needing to drive and clear the snow and ice off part)

“I love how versatile glass is – you can use it to make almost any shape, work with it when it’s hot or cold, and make everything from the most beautiful works of art to the most practical household items.” Rebecca Hopman, Outreach Librarian #iloveglass