Secret writing

Corners of my mind Inspire Letterhead Fonts / LHF Corner Specimens / Scrolls and Borders

Jeleń , Łania

As the deer pants for the water. - if I could get someone to convert this into a tattoo that would be awesome!

Something doodly I did back when I was still working... Girl and her dragon sharing lifes hardships and joys and growing old together... I dunno I'm having an artblock so I'm just finishing my old ...

T-T This reminds me. dragons' lifespans are longer than humans' lifespans. That means that by the time Hiccup dies, Toothless will still be young. T-T <------ WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?<<<Why is Mikasa holding a potato?

Bat Wing Tutorial

Bat Wing Tutorial - How to draw a Girl with wings - Female Body study - Drawing Reference

When miniature dragons roost upon a lamp post, when they watch through the night, then . EDK ---- A Shiny Perch by Dragondust Would love this as a backyard light!