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I think if you walk in anybody's shoes tonight you'll end up at the bar.

Aunty Acid's TOP FIVE hilarious thoughts on CHOCOLATE

Aunty Acid: I'm in the 12 step chocoholic program. I'm never more than 12 steps away from chocolate

Oh wouldn't it though !!!

Exercising would be so much more rewarding if calories screamed while you burned them .

No offence but...............

No offence but.

Chuck's Fun Page 2: Aunty Acid blast

A magical substance that turns, "Leave me alone or die." into, "Good morning honey.

Aunty Acid

Hindsight really is freakin' annoying. Anyone agree? Great news folks. There's a HUGE off our 2014 Aunty Acid calendar for FB fans who click.

Aunty Acid

Aunty Acid: I like my big butt. It gives people I don't like plenty of places to kiss.