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Say cheese ~ this little guy promotes laughter. Compean Compean Nushart look at this if you have a bad day!

Caroline Spelman fires starting gun on badger cull - Nature - Environment - The Independent

Caroline Spelman fires starting gun on badger cull

stretch the word beautiful and a badger fits the description.

Little Big Kitty

magicalnaturetour: Clouded Leopard Cubs Show Mad Skills. The Clouded Leopard cubs, born at Houston Zoo on June are growing and developing their big cat skills. So far, the pair has mastered the art of being adorable! via ZooBorns

Badger closeup walking

Badger - Badgers can be fierce animals and will protect themselves and their young at all costs, are capable of fighting off dog-packs and fighting off much larger animals, such as wolves and bears.

Mommy German shepherd snuggling her puppy! So sweet

American Shorthair Cat Breeds

Dress up your dog in style with this hilarious lion's mane wig. Transform your dog into King of the Jungle. For large dogs Details Lion's mane hair accessory