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the strawberry shortcake kind. Sounds good  Top the cake with sliced strawberries and use cool whip for the icing. Yum

All The Cakes You Can Make With Just A Box Of Cake Mix And A Bottle Of Soda

I made the strawberry shortcake kind. I topped the cake with sliced strawberries and used cool whip for the icing. My baking time was significantly less than what the box recommended.

Stunning Cake Reveals an Edible Amethyst Geode Beneath Its Surface - My Modern Met

Stunning Cake Reveals an Edible Amethyst Geode Beneath Its Surface

Pinning this under because, holy crap o.O Intricate Icing Cake Designs used granulated sugar and rock candy to craft the mind-blowing work of art.

Work wardrobe inspiration. 14 pieces. 10 looks  (Okay...this isn't really my style, but I like that this shows the various ways to wear a few good investment pieces.)

Work it, Babe!

Image detail for -. and Pearls - Womens Work Wear and Office Clothing for Women. I love the idea of 14 pieces & 10 looks. Great idea for business travel, training, ect.

Grease stains on your clothes -  Put a little Dawn dish soap on the spots and wash as usual. Even works on stains that have already gone undetected through the dryer.

Did You Know - Round 2 . Amazing random home tips and tricks. It is a multitude of great ideas!

I need something like this...maybe a shopping trip is in order.

Becoming a 'Frugalista' // My Lucky Dozen for Fall

13 pieces - 31 days of outfits. so tempting to throw out my wadrobe and buy these 13 pieces because i hate all my clothes right now! Wonder how long it would take me to sew most of these.

I love it! #fashion. must see!!! Great Deals & FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ITEM!!!! Visit My website for details www.moderndomainsales.com  Travel like a champion, and recruit like a champion. Our 15+ years of experience will help you build a great team email us at carlos@recruitingforgood.com

Business travel - mix & match wardrobe pieces to travel light This idea would give me soooo much life. I truly love it!

sample capsule wardrobe for spring: this capsule will also work year-round in many climates, and was created for anyone who loves a simple/classic style of dressing

Spring Capsule Wardrobe: create a spring capsule

Create a spring capsule wardrobe with this list of items, all perfect for spring, and learn how to apply the capsule wardrobe philosophy to your life

Paleo Trail Mix Bars | Mix up these customizable paleo trail mix bars in under a half an hour and have them ready to grab and go for your busy week. These convenient bars are packed with all the flavors of your favorite trail mix with no unpronounceable ingredients and lots of nutrition. | www.myuncommoneveryday.com

Mix up these customizable paleo trail mix bars in just 30 minutes on the weekend and have them ready to go for a nutritious, flavorful snack all week long!

Big fan of all looks, except #10 (would prefer a shorter skirt). I am short, and maxi skirts don't do much for me.

The New Rules of Workwear

12 Business Outfits With Flats // some of these are too informal (especially peasant tops) but I do like the pencil skirts and statement necklaces and flats (obviously)