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Pixie Wagner clothing

Pixie Wagner clothing

Made From Gum Tree Pieces & The Wings Are Fencing Wire & Fine Fuse Wire. He Is Suspended By A Large Coiled Wire From The Base & Two Rods To His Hands, So He Dances & Comes To Life In The Slightest Breeze..

Winged Rod Puppet Faery 001 by elyobkram - gum tree pieces, wire

You just have to pay attention. If you don’t, you’ll miss them, or see something else—something you expected to see rather than what was really there. Faerie voices become just the wind, a bodach … scurrying across the street becomes just a piece of litter caught in the backwash of a bus.  ~Charles du Lint

M y t h i c a l : Realm of the Fae * Birth of an Elf by *Valse-des-ombres*

Fairies, Sprites, and such

I love fairies and pixies and tinkerbell and all things little and sprite!I will definitley look forward to this next year!

Brown Open Front Leather Halter Top - It's more like a vest, really; obviously not meant to be worn alone.

Brown Open Front Leather Halter Top Inspirational fodder for character costuming ;

Fab color!

Bright hair, minimalist makeup, and silicone ears are hallmarks of city elf style.