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What is more indicative of a haunted place then a full moon over a graveyard.

Graveyards are commonly featured in gothic literature. They are abandoned place that have a creepy, spooky and mysterious atmosphere.

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Amazing photo of a lighting storm in Miami! We're gearing up for 2014 and can't wait to showcase some amazing cruises & promos for you! Should be a great year! Cheers everyone!

Abandoned farmhouse braves the Texas winter

Abandoned farmhouse braves the Texas winter. Lots to see here, stories too.

Sand struck by lightning. Lightning travels up not down. This is a glass tube now.

This is what sand looks like when it’s been hit by lightning. Called a fulgurite, this is made up of natural hollow glass tubes formed in quartzose sand, silica, or soil by lightning strikes (at

"E disse-lhes: Eu via Satanás, como raio, cair do céu." [Lucas 10:18]  O raio sobre o Vaticano horas depois de o Papa Bento XVI anunciar sua renúncia.

BLUE IT Lightning strikes St. Peter’s basilica during a storm in the Vatican City on Feb. 2013 — the same day Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. (Photo: Alessandro Di Meo / EPA va NBC News)