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life is short.... what the hell am i doing.... oh a cat!

Funny pictures about Live life to the fullest. Oh, and cool pics about Live life to the fullest. Also, Live life to the fullest photos.

I am now handing over my rights to pick out a boyfriend. I obviously don't know what the hell I'm doing.

I am now handing over my rights to pick out a boyfriend. I handed those rights over to God a long time ago.

What? Okay, then.

I like Martha, just let me finish paying off this debt and me and Martha will be best friends!

Sarcasm much? I wouldn't have pinned this, but the "No, I was going to write you a poem" made me giggle.

You dont say!

You Dont Say, AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! I'm not a fan of this kind of humor (it think it gets annoying in real life unless everyone's in the mood), but the "You don't say" Nick Cage meme has got to be the funniest meme ever. I couldn't stop laughing.


2014 - Wrapping Christmas Presents - The glorious moment when you're cutting wrapping paper and the scissors start to glide.

ya I like chocolate more

Funny pictures about Chocolate Chip Cookies. Oh, and cool pics about Chocolate Chip Cookies. Also, Chocolate Chip Cookies photos.

Grumpy Cat meets Disney. Probably the greatest thing I've ever seen in my entire life!

Grumpy Cat Disney films my favorite is lion kings he's looking at them like wtf is this

The way my mind works…

The way my mind works … during shower time . almost falling asleep . during the day.