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Homemade Ebony Wood Stain using Common Household Ingredients - several recipes & methods explained.


charred wood walkway -stained wood blocks - would make a nice walk out to the herb garden

black shiplap wall, guest room wall? black works with visible woodgrain... yes, yes it does

Come to the Dark Side JoJo: How to DIY Black Shiplap

Cool tone colors. I chose this closet door for cool tone colors because it does not have much difference in color. The colors vary from blues to darker greens. I also think it is pretty cool to get wood to turn these "cool" colors.

Color Saturated: How To Make a Wood Stain from Regular Paint

We have been building a rammed earth garden shed for over a year now, squeezed in between work schedules, parenting, and keeping up with the general (less exciting) projects of homeownership

63504 - White Macassar - Treefrog Real Wood Veneers

Check out 63504 - White Macassar, real wood veneers from Treefrog.

How To Weather New Wood With Vinegar

One piece of 0000 steel wool, glass bottle and vinegar. Just take the steel wool and rip it in small pieces, put it in the jar and cover with vinegar. After 24 hours most of the steel wool will be dissolved.

Moonishco.com Dyed Plywood wal | Plywood

Plywood wall tiles, Dyed and silkscreened in Brooklyn, these marine grade plywood (more durable and resistant to humidity) tiles are available in a range of comely patterns and solids, applied in thin washes that allow the wood grain to show through.

Tung oil

A beautiful at a glance guide to the various wood grains and finishes available for acoustic guitars: Pure vs Dark Tung Oil.

Golden resin highlights cracks in the floor of TANK's Xchange Apartment

Xchange Apartment by Tank - Golden resin highlights cracks in the floor of TANK's Xchange Apartment

Success with Black Stain - shows variations

Pros provide tips for staining wood a deep, dark black without purple overtones.

wikiHow to Bleach Wood -- via wikiHow.com

Bleach Wood

We had our home inspection, and the guy recommended bleaching away any fungus growing on wood, which would also allow us to repaint with a lighter color.

Hans Wegner sideboard in oak and woven cane at Studio Schalling

Very rare sideboard designed by Hans Wegner Produced by Ry møbler in Denmark Oak, cane and rosewood feet Excellent vintage condition, with mino.