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The Role of Nutrition in Restoring Mind and Body to Health in Recovery

Beyond concerns about physical health and self-image, poor dietary habits also have been linked with a greater risk of relapse.

The Real Definition of #Relapse and Why it Matters:

Do prevailing male stereotypes prevent men from coming forward, acknowledging their substance abuse and seeking treatment?

Facing uncharted #dating territory without your usual liquid courage can increase your risk for relapse. Follow these 6  tips to date smarter and safer during #addiction #recovery.

6 Tips for Dating in Recovery

A NEW PATIENT-INITIATED COALITION BATTLES BENZOS-the problem is not the result of a few negligent doctors but rather from ignorance throughout the entire medical community. They sought out doctors to help them only to find there is only a small handful in the U.S. that understand the complexities

Studies suggest that only 25 to 35 percent of those who attend one AA meeting become active participants. Here are some alternative support groups with different philosophies.

Preventing and Handling Recurrences (aka “Relapses”): What Clients Need Most From Addiction Treatment #TheProTalk

6 Things All Divorced People Miss About Being Married

This....always sitting in my mind,even when all is well...

It's hard to look at relapse in any kind of positive light, but a positive is that it brings us to our knees and makes us rely completely on it. Look at it as a wakeup call that you are not in control.

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Another Reason Narcissists Are So Hard to Live With Add perfectionism to the list of problems of narcissists in relationships Published on July 2014 by Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph. in Fulfillment at Any Age

Let's Talk Recovery... Mental Health Disorders and Addiction | M/R Johnson

Let's Talk Recovery... Mental Health Disorders and Addiction

Holistic therapy for people with mental disorders and addiction