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Making Good Scents Winter 2001 - a vintage back issue of the newsletter of handcrafted soaps, cosmetics and perfumes. Read in this issue: Soothing The Itch: Natural remedies for itchy skin. Safflower Oil: Find out about safflower oil and use it to make several skin care luxuries. Lip Balms: Keep your lips moisturized with these recipes. The Warm Scent Of Amber, Doing Business On The Internet, Cutting The Perfect Bar Of Soap #soapmaking #diy #crafts #lipbalm #recipes #perfume #scents…

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Jessica's Dry Shampoo Recipe: 4 T white kaolin clay 2 T arrowroot powder 2 T powdered orange peel 2 drops hawaiian white ginger fragrance oil 3 drops orange fragrance oil Instructions: Combine the dry ingredients then mix in the fragrance oils 1 drop at a time, sifting once between each drop. Once all fragrance oil is a

Dry, cracked lips are a thing of the past. Learn how to make these deliciously relaxing lip balms that you're sure to wear every day of the year.

[intro_headline]Remember when I shared with you . . .[/intro_headline] A list of my beauty essentials, like deodorant, shampoo bars, tooth powder, foundation powder, dry shampoo? Well, I forgot one! This tried-and-true, super easy lip balm recipe moisturizes and protects with beeswax, natural cocoa butter and your choice of moisturizing oil. While it’s very soothing to chapped lips, it’s also …

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