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Art of Fall of Cybertron, Springer

Fall of Cybertron Voyager Springer and Astrotrain Listings Revealed I cant wait

Heresy era battlebarges yet again...

chaos-is-our-master: ““The Terminus Est is an abomination against the Emperor, an open wound that has never healed, a constant reminder of betrayal and treachery. That it still stalks the stars is a.

A Talent for War: McDevitt, Jack

The first novel in the Alex Benedict series from the Nebula and Campbell award-winning author.

Sci-Fi City in the Rain

Walking on the street by daRoz Blade Runner cyberpunk landscape location environment architecture I don't know where to put this, but this looks amazing! Maybe a scene on earth?

Technologies propres. Énergie propre.

science fiction: spaceship and futuristic city, illustration by Luca Oleastri © - www.

SF-01T (Concept Aircraft) on Behance

(Concept Aircraft) by Orlando Mendoza, via Behance