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A Microbiologist’s Advice on Misunderstandings in Canning

Canning Blueberries and other berries, Step by step instructions using a water bat canner.

the pressure canner, closed the canner up, THEN I turned on the heat. Waited until steam vented, and then let the steam vent for 10 minutes....

How to can milk for storage without refrigeration.

another method on canning milk- I would not trust store bought for this method- from your cow to your canner only!

a blog entry to canning, preserving, root cellars, pantries and “putting things up” in general.

off-the-grid-. Everyday living off of the grid. Amazing site- called Living off the Grid- Tons of canning info

I have been searching everywhere for a good sugar free strawberry jam recipe...I finally found one...this turned out perfect...You cannot tell the difference.  Where it says sugar, I mean Splenda.

Sugar Free Freezer Strawberry Jam

No Sugar Strawberry Freezer Jam ~ Strawberries + Apple Juice + Pectin The easiest jam, no canning or jars required.

This easy step-by-step photo tutorial will have you saving money and canning… http://thriftyfrugalmom.com/how-to-can-diced-tomatoes-a-step-by-step-tutorial/

How to Can Diced Tomatoes (a step-by-step tutorial)

Freezable Foods — yup, you can freeze all of this! A thorough list of foods you can freeze.

ARTICLE: "Freezable Foods — yup, you can freeze all of this!" by Andrea for Simple Organized Living. Excellent list that will help you get more out of your freezer (and less time in your kitchen!

Ball RealFruitTM  Instant Pectin -  Flex Batch 4.7 oz., http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004U8R0ME/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_awdm_lJxLtb1MWGH5A

Just discovered Ball RealFruit Instant Pectin. Made several homemade freezer jams and freezer butters for my Christmas gift baskets. The easiest thing ever! Never buying jam again!

10 Freezer Jam Recipes

(no canning required!) 10 Super Easy Freezer Jam Recipes for apricot jam, blueberry jam, strawberry jam, peach jam, blackberry jam and more!


Greek yogurt in a crockpot ( foolproof )

Foolproof Crockpot Greek Yogurt - I didn't add the powdered milk -- I simple added 2 scoops of my why protein powder! Kevin thought this was delicious yogurt! It was thick and creamy!

How to Make Strawberry Jam: Hot Damn, This is Good Jam  I made a batch using this recipe. Total awesomeness in a jar!

How to Make Strawberry Jam: Hot Damn, This is Good Jam

How to Make Strawberry Jam: Hot Damn, This is Good Jam I made a batch using this recipe. Total awesomeness in a jar!(How To Make Butter In A Jar)

Freezer Meals ~ 5 posts! Plus toddler meals to make ahead and freeze in daily portions

Toddler Meals: - Mini Omelet Cups - Mini Spaghetti Cups - Tropical Freezer Smoothies - Banana Nut Muffins Freezer Dinner Meals - Chicken Cacciatore - Pepper Steak - Taco Soup - Baked Green Chile Enchiladas - Baked cooking tips guide