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EIGHT FLIPPING YEARS and this is why, in season 7, when Luke's all like "obvi we aren't meant to be" I'm like yeah uh huh suuuuuure you aren't 'cause you carried around a thing in your wallet for eight years for nothing. The writer of season 7... Just... Ugh. Ruining my characters & breaking my sad little fangirl heart.

Gilmore Girls - Scott Patterson Lorelai: You kept this in your wallet? Luke: Eight years.

LOVE IT! orange is the new black | Orange is the New Black-poster-kis

orange is the new black - omg I'm in love with this show! I knew it was gonna be good when the very first scene was two naked lesbians making out in the shower LOL

Except snotty Rachel and whiny Ross! Ugh

FRIENDS will always be my favorite show. Tipton and I used to always get home in time to watch new episodes on Thursdays

Shameless (USA). Absolutely, Wildly, Unapologetically... The Gallaghers.

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