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Ouija board patent application

How the Ouija Board Got Its Name

These days, the word “Ouija” conjures up shades of mysticism, Satanic panics, and teenage bedrooms.

Amazon's New 3DP Patent Application - 3D Printing Industry #3DPrinting #Manufacturing #STEM

Amazon's New 3DP Patent Application - 3D Printing Industry

Cynata Commences Manufacture of Clinical Trial Product; Files Further Patent Application

Cynata Commences Manufacture of Allogeneic iPSC-Derived Clinical Trial Product; Files Further Patent Application

BrainStorm receives US patent notice of allowance for its stem cell technology

BrainStorm receives a Notice of Allowance from the U. Patent Office for its "Isolated Cells and Populations Comprising Same for the Treatment of CNS Diseases" patent application.

OCEANSIDE, CA--(Marketwired - April 28, 2016) - Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC PINK: TSOI) announced today the filing of a patent application covering the use of ProJuvenol© and its active ingredient pterostilbene for augmentation of stem cell activity. Diseases such as diabetes1, cardiovascular disease2, and neurodegenerative diseases3 are characterized by deficient stem cell activity. The patent covers the stimulation of stem cells that already exist in the patient's body.

Therapeutic Solutions International Files Patent Covering ProJuvenol(C) and Its Active Ingredient Pterostilbene

Recent developments in 3D printing are changing modern medicine in many unexpected ways. It was predicted it would change the face of manufacturing[i], however, 3D printing’s effect on medicine has been unforeseeable.   Scientists are beginning to print everything from heart and liver tissues to skin cells, blood vessels, and even bones.  Eighteen people die in […]

Organovo has signed a deal with University of Queensland's UniQuest to license lab-grown mini kidneys for bioprinting research.

Love this infographic on Nikola Tesla.

The Nikola Tesla Infographic

In the Nikola Tesla Infographic you will look at some of his remarkably prescient predictions over the past few years.

Scottish researchers have discovered a new more effective method for identifying  embryonic stem cells from other more differentiated cells with a lower potency. Their method and their findings, were published yesterday in the AIP journal (American Institute of Physics), Biomicrofluidics

Scientists Report First Success in Cloning Human Stem Cells: It’s been 17 years since Dolly the sheep was cloned from a mammary cell. And now scientists applied the same technique to make the first embryonic stem cell lines from human skin cells.