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Find more movies like Goosebumps to watch, Latest Goosebumps Trailer, A teenager teams up with the daughter of young adult horror author R. Stine after the writer's imaginary demons are set free on the town of Madison, Delaware.

The Monster Squad (1987) | 20 Movies To Watch With Your Kids This Halloween

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Tower of Terror (1997) Seeing as I actually went on the Disneyland ride, I'd give this one a shot

Disney have plans for a full theatrical Tower of Terror movie, all the details releases so far inside including s look back at the TV movie original!

The following gallery of The 50 Craziest Old-School Horror VHS Box Covers will make you nostalgic.

The 50 Craziest Old School Horror VHS Box Covers50. Waxwork (1988)

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One of the best movies...ever!  'The Princess Bride' (1987)  -  The 2012 25th reunion photoshoot, L to R: Vizzini/Wallace Shawn;  Miracle Max/Billy Crystal & Valerie/Carol Kane;  Prince Humperdinck/Chris Sarandon; Westley, the Dread Pirate Roberts & the Man In Black/Cary Elwes & Buttercup, Princess of Florin/Robin Wright; Inigo Montoya/Mandy Pantinkin, Count Tyrone Rugen/Christopher Guest & a picture of Fezzik/André the Giant (who died in 1993)

The cast of The Princess Bride - 25 years later. I love how they have a picture of Andre the Giant (Fezzik) since he had died. Also absolutely love this movie

Song of Hiawatha (1997)

Song of Hiawatha

'Beetlejuice' is one of my inspirations for my final film. This is when Adam and Barbara discover they are dead and are living in the afterlife. This has a similar storyline to my movie, except my main character, Rick discover's he is dead and is living in the afterlife by coming across his gravestone ast the church in the final scene.

This is a blank paperback journal in the style of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased from Tim Burton's "Beetle Juice" You can fill it with your absurd thoughts, but no matter what you write, it'll probably read like stereo instructions.