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i'm pretty sure i need to dedicate myself to cooking one lebanese dish per week from now on. lebanese might be my favorite cuisine. plus, this would be so perfect for summer... i can taste the garlic now.

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Herbs and Capers

Use a combination of your favorite varieties. We like a mix of red Brandywine, Green Zebra, and Persimmon for the beefsteak tomatoes, and Sungold, Yellow Pear, and Green Grape for the cherry tomatoes.

Turmeric and Saffron: Borani Kalam Ghomri - Persian Kohlrabi and Yogurt Dip. I made a very similar version of this recipe: Saute finely diced kohlrabi (~ 2 lbs) w/ onion in olive oil for 20 min. Stir in 3-4 minced garlic cloves, 1/2 c parsley, 1/2 c chives, and 3-4 T mint. Fold mixture into 3 c greek yogurt, 1.5 t turmeric, 1 t aleppo pepper, 1/2 t curry, 1 t lemon juice and salt & pepper to taste.


Za'atar - it's the best when you make it yourself, and then sprinkle it on yogurt along with a pool of good olive oil. A bit of toasted flatbread to go along with good.

Ingredient of the Week: Almond Milk

White Gazpacho | This is a legacy of the Moors who ruled Andalusia in Spain for close to eight hundred years. It is simple to prepare, but offers a glimpse at the refinement of a civilization which produced places like the Alhambra palace, and beautiful cities like Seville, Granada or Córdoba; Moorish cuisine influenced traditional Middle-Eastern cuisine to this day, with its use of almonds, saffron, cinnamon, chilies and aromatic essences of flowers. @Joumana Accad

French-style pork stew

FRENCH-STYLE PORK STEW (Substitute rutabaga for potatoes and leave out clove and black pepper for strict AIP)

Korean Beef Bowl

Korean Beef Bowl - Tastes just like Korean BBQ and is on your dinner table in just 15 minutes!

Tahini is our Middle- Eastern butter or mayo; it goes in just about everything; unlike butter, it is vegan as it is simply sesame seed paste; add to it some fresh lemon juice and a touch of...