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yatori é canon - Pesquisa Google

yatori é canon - Pesquisa Google

For you I would do anything...for you I will cry...for you I will smile....for you I can take your doubts, sadness, and anger and feel them for you...maybe some day you can do the same for me. Just not today....

Noragami Aragoto - one of my favorite parts of the manga adapted beautifully :)

Hiyori x Yato, Yukine, Kofuku & Daikoku xD x3 <3

Noragami - Kofuku is like "yasss", Yukine is like "nuuuu", and Daikoku is just…

Noragami aww:

Kiss dibs

Noragami ~~ Is Yukine angry that Yato tried to steal his thunder or is he angry Yato kissed her instead of him. Ah, I love open ended comics like this. Yatori for life tho