Pathfinder: Minotaur Mazerunner by on @DeviantArt

Creature art for Pathinder's "Inner Sea, Monster Codex" I was provided with a Baphomet Cultist image by Ekaterina Burmak aka "KateMaxpaint" to use . Pathfinder: Minotaur Prophet of Baphomet

Membro dei Dimenticati

Men in fantasy art — sorcerersskull: Cohorts and Companions - Ratfolk. Karsen Prince of the Mouse folk of Albion

Thunder Bringer character design for HoN, Aaron Holley

love the ice staff idea, since Temno Vrog does have mystical powers an artifact would work well

Grondr: Were-boar, the groomers of Gaia:

Last year I accepted a new post at work, increasing my mental workload a lot, leading to a total crash on the game creative side. No adventure writing and no figure painting.