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Reis naar Leven van een Poetsvrouw: Dag 274: Er is geen Krijgen zonder Geven

Vijay Patel wishes a very Happy World Peace Day to everyone. When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.


Reduce your use of plastic, detergents, artificial chemicals and all that other crap you don't need & keep our oceans clean!

Amazing women who rocked the science world! http://www.pinterest.com/holyheretics/misogynistic-idolatries/Left click on photo to enlarge.

12 Amazing Women Who Totally Rocked at Science

12 Amazing Women Who Totally Rocked at Science. Science classrooms need to take a more active role in getting girls interested in science. This provides excellent examples of women that achieved great things in their fields.

“When in doubt, choose change.” - Lily Leung

“When in doubt, choose change.

Preschool celebrate's Earth Day in Sarasota - Sarasota News ...

More and more Americans are going green and living lifestyles conscious of their impact on the planet. What’s more, going green is a great way to save money

Here's to raising our vibrations....

The spiritual warrior changes the world through leading by example in love, light and respect for differences.focucing on unity, peace and consensus building.

Peaceable Kingdoms.....

Peaceable Kingdoms - In Photos: World's Most Peaceful Countries

Hands of peace- This picture is a beautiful representation of the world. The hands coming together to signify a more unified earth. The hands themselves seem to be of two nationality's.

-Dies ist das vielleicht kleinste und älteste erhaltene Ökosystem der Welt. -Ein Garten, den David Latimer 1960 in einer Flasche pflanzte, wurde zuletzt im Jahr 1972 gegossen, bevor sie dicht verschlossen wurde. -heute 80-jährige wollte experimentieren, wie lange das Ökosystem überleben würde. - Das einzige, was diesem Flaschen-Garten extern zugeführt wird, ist Licht, -Davon abgesehen ist es ein völlig autarkes Ökosystem

David Latimer from Cranleigh, Surrey, with his bottle garden that was first planted 53 years ago and has not been watered since 1972 - yet continues to thrive in its sealed environment. The bottle garden has created its own miniature ecosystem.