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Original photos of Michael Wittmann giving a speech while standing on a Tiger Tank at the Henschel factory where Tiger Tanks were made, 1943

This tanks belong to the Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101. The photo was taken in early June 1944 in France when the unit was making its way ...

Los cascos que no quiso Cultura

A Celtiberian helmet of chalcidian type, found in the province of Zaragoza, Spain (illegaly taken out of the country and erroneously sold in an Auction as greek)

Antique Pretty African American Women Photo Old Black History Americana

Antique Pretty African American Women Photo Old Black History Americana.

PzKpfw. VI Tiger I, of s.SS.PzAbt.101 - Normandy 1944 --- Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I Ausf.E tanks being prepared to travel by rail. Note that these Tigers were fitted to travel still using the combat tracks.

Encendiendo un cigarrillo con un lanzallamas.Cosas de la guerra,que agudiza el ingenio.O la estupidez.

How to find your family's first American using Naturalization records. Links to: 1.Search guide: Travel and immigration records 2. Passenger list search tips. 3. Naturalization petitions search tips. 4. Passport application search tips. 5. A brief history of US immigration policy.