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Chad's hair, ha

Funny pictures about Time for some noodles. Oh, and cool pics about Time for some noodles. Also, Time for some noodles photos.

You can turn It into truth or dare :) (But I would have to do a clean version...)

truth or dare JENGA: 1000 Life Hacks with silly things on them for the kids or funny would you rathers for our friends.

Hmmmm. Define "pro." | I work at Sally's. Trust me, I'm a pro. | hair humor | bad hair | hairdresser | hairstylist | cosmetology

This is what you end up looking like when you listen to the clerk at sallys bahahaha!

hahahaha I couldn't help but add "bazinga" at the end of the punch line :)

The "High Expectations Asian Father" meme serves a similar function to the "Rebellious Asian", in that it thrives on a widely disseminated racial imagination about Asian parents.

#meme #basketball #follow

He PAID to copyright a saying about his eyebrows.or brow.I think it was like "Fear the Brow" or something.

Nan maman, j'suis pas défoncé... - Be-troll - vidéos humour, actualité insolite

Nan maman, j'suis pas défoncé... - Be-troll - vidéos humour, actualité insolite

Gaming - not just electronic

Sometimes being random is a good thing. Most of the time being funny is a great thing, so these random funny pictures and a good, great thing. Enjoy both the randomness and and humor of these pictures.

A snatch by any other name...

Sometimes men make the strangest requests ! will you shave your beaver?

redneckbasher: Ya cause thats fun - http://www.digitaltimewaster.com/redneckbasher-ya-cause-thats-fun/

This is so true! People type/text “LOL” all the time without actually “laughing out loud”. I know I’m guilty of this. The Office is a hilarious show, but nowhere near as funny without Michael. :( Do you use LOL more […]

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Chris Farley is awesome. jacksoninbmore Chris Farley is awesome. Chris Farley is awesome.