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Sebastian' s bbbbody has surprised me.  Honestly .... this winter soldier is too Damn sexy

Captain America – Winter Soldier – Bucky Barnes – Sebastian Stan< oh i like summer. but also winter.

Sebastian Stan, people.

sexygeriatrics: "Let’s pose like we’re on a romance novel cover." fckn sebstan I swear / I'm so jealous :(

Can you move your seat up

I see that jumpers have the purpose to warm ppl but it never was supposed to make him this hot?

bahahahaha! I think they broke the cuteness counter in this gif

I think they broke the cuteness counter in this photo ♡ Syncronised movements for the win!

одно́й не минова́ть. • natashasromanoff: Sebastian Stan of ‘The...

natashasromanoff: “ Sebastian Stan of ‘The Martian’ poses for a portrait during the 2015 Toronto Film Festival on September 2015 in Toronto, Ontario.

(click through for whole gifset)  That's how you look when you get punched in the face. damn you Sebastian stan

(click through for whole gifset) Sebastian Stan needs to stop with the lip biting like seriously why does he do this to me? I mean look at him so god damn cute bloody Sebastian Stan you sexy son of a bitch I’m dead