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This 2012 WAF nominee by Studio blurs the division between the indoors and the outdoors. It is a contemporary house located in São Paulo, Brazil. Photos by: Nelson Kon

Carpinteria Foothills Residence by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis

Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis - Carpinteria Foothills Residence, Santa Barbara, California - I don't know why, but this photo makes me want to cry. I wonder how close it is to that breakfast place I love in Summerland.

Loughloughan Barn by McGarry-Moon Architects

Loughloughan Barn by McGarry-Moon Architects

English firm McGarry-Moon Architects turned a stone barn positioned in Broughshane, Northern Ireland, UK into a picturesque cozy modern day countryside home.

The Paraty House by Marcio Kogan Architects » CONTEMPORIST

On a coastal island between Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro, this brilliant beach home provides an unparalleled experience of the breezy beach environment. The Paraty House by Marcio Kogan Architects is.

Ferris Bueller Car Garage

Cameron Frye's house from the film "Ferris Buellers Day Off" is a real house and is located in Highland, IL. The house was designed in 1953 by A. James Speyer and David Haid and is officially known as the ‘Ben Rose House’.

Designed by the creative British architects from PCKO together with Polish folks from MOFO Architects, the stunning Jodlowa House in Krakow, Poland

Into the Woods: 17 Homes For Nature Lovers

London-based architects PCKO designed the Jodlowa House in Krakow Poland in collaboration with MOFO architects. The glass house is located on the outskirts of Krakow, Poland.

This the multilayer four storey house design with terrace garden in first floor and second floor, until the roof. swimming pool located outside the house, so that swim in it visible from the living room with walls made of glass. combines the staircase between the glass and wood design make this house is really fantastic. this house location on a new housing estate on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore. to build a house for each solid wall next door to provide privacy whenever…

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects. Wierd, but I think it would be really nice to inhabit. It's also an interesting application of green roofs/roof gardens to a very modern, otherwise steel and concrete design.

oh my mid-mod lord i love this!

LA CAÑADA MID-CENTURY - A significant architectural residence realized in stone, glass, wood, and steel set in the scenic foothills of the Sierra Madre / by Jamie Bush & Co.

U.S. Craig Ellwood, Bobertz Residence, San Diego County, CA, 1953

The Bobertz Residence by Craig Ellwood is in San Diego County. Gerry & Charles Bobertz moved from New York and commissioned Ellwood