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Sadly, too many people these days don't wanna work for the things they want or need.

No one owes you a damn thing! Get off your ass and earn it. This is true of so many people at this time.

This is so important.

in Dr Mildred Jefferson was the first black woman to graduate from Harvard medical School w 28 honorary degrees .founding National Right to Life

She’s a Pro-Life activist. Although her case won women the “choice to abort”, Roe (Norma McCorvey) herself was over the gestation limit when the decision was reached. Her son was born and put up for adoption. Roe now feels overwhelming guilt over, in her mind, causing so many deaths, but is grateful her son was given life and that she can now speak out against abortion. It’s never too late to wake up to the reality of what abortion does to living human beings. Thanks to Pro-Life feminist ...

She's a pro-life activist, she was Jane Roe (IE JOHN DOE) and she is really Norma Leah McCorvey. Even though Roe Vs Wade made abortion legal, she NEVER had an abortion.

Little Ana Rose a survivor victim of abortion

Education/Information: The story of Ana Rosa demonstrates the consequences of a failed Abortion. There are consequences for children as well as parents when abortions fail! In this instance, the baby survived but not without being harmed.

I agree with this to a certain extent. The minute, second, or instant an infant could survive outside the mother, that's the moment it's no longer 'a good thing.'

Now, wait for the pro-baby-murder activists to become incensed by the truth.

frank pavone

All I can say to this is that most people who are "pro-life" can care less about those who are already born and are suffering.

Ummm, when you're hounding women outside abortion clinics during what may be the most traumatic experiences of their lives, I think it's safe to say that, yes, it is YOU being "annoying."

Also why pictures of aborted babies, torn limb from limb in a pool of blood bothers pro choicers.