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oh, he's very special. BartCop's most recent rants - Political Humor and Commentary

Here's the Republican douche that wants to steal your social security and medicare.this is who the Republicans are going to try and draft at the Republican Convention in Cleveland - Paul Ryan

Tax cuts (MORE tax cuts) for the wealthy, but screw the elderly and disabled - that's Paul Ryan's plan.

Corrupt of the Repukkkes Stealing Seniors Earned Social Security/Medicare Benefits!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, AMERICA from Paul Ryan and family ~ happily and securely INSURED, PAID for BY YOU ~

Andrew Rose on

We know Paul! You know that we will fuck you up for that too.

Hey Girl... http://mansplainingryan.tumblr.com

I have a sinking feeling that this guy is either a rapist or he knows someone who is. Why else would he be so concerned about the rights of rapists but not the rights of their victims.

I think Congress should have to pay for their high deductible insurance like the rest of us.

Paul Ryan fondles his own balls whenever he thinks of the hungry, helpless poor.