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Legend has it that this was the place that Andrew Jackson and Jean Laffite met to forge an alliance during the War of 1812. It was a popular hangout for pirates and other riff raff of the day. "Pirates Alley at Night" Signed Original Fine Art Giclee Print - FREE SHIPPING Available on eBay

A fence and its shadow on a sidewalk in fog near Morris - Downman House at 2525 Saint Charles Avenue in Garden District

Bourbon Street day scene shot in HDR by Patrick Potter. After a hard cleansing rain in the French Quarter the clouds have moved on and the sun is coming out. People have started to venture out of the Bourbon Street bars where they took shelter. Hang this art print on your wall and bring a New Orleans flair to your home decor.

The rear courtyard of the restaurant "The Court of Two Sisters".

A lone St. Charles streetcar awaiting passengers.

"Guardian Angel" - Signed Original Giclee Art Picture Print for Wall Home Decor. A statue of an angel stands on a New Orleans' French Quarter balcony overlooking the streets below. Green ivy is growing in the planters. The decorative wrought iron railing here dates back almost a century.

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