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I had a pair of these!

You had to be thin to wear these. Had them in every color and even the ones with the rainbow on the leg.

Original Barbie — I had the brunette doll; my cousin had the blond.

Pinner: Original Vintage Barbie dolls, 1960 I had one, the black hair one, with the patent leather case. Much cheaper that way plus they were "one of a kind"

Crissy Doll
Dede had Chrissy, and I loved playing with her hair.  Not sure Dede loved me playing with her hair!

Crissy Doll Dede had Chrissy, and I loved playing with her hair. Not sure Dede loved me playing with her hair!

Had many of these - had them whirling all over the kitchen floor.

I used to love these spinning top toys as a toddler. One of my favorite toys growing up!

I loved these. I had a pair in every color....my Mom would get so mad at the clickey clonckety noise they made

Scholl's Exercise Sandals, circa I loved mine! I had 2 colors.

You are too young to remember colored toilet paper...

Colored Toilet Paper ~ I don't remember if white was even available around the time that the colored stuff was? I remember pink, blue, green and yellow. There might have been a peach color too.

Vintage 70s Avon Fragrance Hours Victorian Grandfather Clock

Grandma L. had several Avon decanters that she saved because she like the bottle. Vintage Avon Fragrance Hours Grandfather Clock Bottle Box Bird of Paradise

The Barbie dream house...my #1 favorite, most used/abused childhood toy.  Sometimes my brother's Starwars toys would stop over and hang with the girls

The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Intellectual Property

My sister and I had this house! We loved it and played with it all the time! The Barbie Dream House in the and vs. The Barbie Dream House today, which recently got a renovation.

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Fotomat - it was a place to drop off film to be developed.our fotomat was in the parking lot of the A & P.

We used to put these on just about anything.

Flower Power stickers, how I remember these on my VW bug

I so remember these and it's so nice to not see them on everyone's coffee tables now.

Raised Ridge 6" Round Heavy Amber Glass Ashtray Retro Cigarette Smoker Vintage

These ash trays were in every ones house growing up . I had two of them- one on each end table next to the sofa.

SNL Original Cast, 1975. They were incredible!!!!! We would roll em up, and gather round the tv, laughing till it hurt.

History In Pictures on

Saturday Night Live 1975 - Original Cast "Not Ready For Prime-Time Players"

1972 - "Little Mikey" - Life Cereal Commercial

Life cereal commercial starring Mikey - "Let Mikey try it. Hey, look, he likes it! Mikey likes it!

From the Sears 1973 catalog Yes, we really wore this stuff.  And we thought we were cool.

clothes - bell bottom pants and vests. I remember this I had the plaid pants and the yellow sweater vest.

Childhood Favorite - I remember wondering how in the world he could eat so many pancakes!!! And, I wanted my Mom to fix me that many by helen

"Little Black Sambo" ~ Helen Bannerman 1923 . "The tigers ran and ran until they turned into a pool of melted butter.and Little Black Sambo was from INDIA .