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Here’s another new spin on old records: record lamps. (GIN Art & Design’s lamps made from vintage 45 rpm records.)

good for CDs too - Here’s another new spin on old records: record lamps. (GIN Art & Design’s lamps made from vintage 45 rpm records.

In Rainbows - Radiohead 2007. One of my faves

In Rainbows - Radiohead 2007

City out of boxes

that artist woman: Mixed Media Skyline looks absolutely fabulous definitely going to try with my classes

Vintage Bonnet Hair Dryer

This was standard in our house in the along with flip hair dos and Dippity Do

Rainbow Clock With a Silver Lining - Geometric Mandala Clock Hand Painted on Recycled Vinyl Record - LGBTQ Pride Marriage Equality

Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters is in my opinion the greatest blues guitarist ever and is heavily credited for the boom of interest in the blues during the and in the UK that lead to bands such as the Rolling Stones (humble press,

the Kooples + Pete Doherty

the Kooples + Pete Doherty

Triangle pattern - Georgiana Paraschiv

Triangle pattern by georgiana paraschiv via designlovefest. We love triangles over at CailaMade! AMD - i'm not usually a fan of any darkness or straight up grayscale, but these textured triangles really make the coloured ones pop!


Music Fan Porn: Band Memorabilia That We Wish We Owned

In Janis Joplin bought a used white 1965 Porsche cabriolet. Band roadie/artist Dave Richards took her ideas, created and painted Janis’ psychedelic Porsche. Photographed in front of San Francisco's Palace of FIne Arts by the late great Jim Marshall.

Isn't that Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, a.k.a. Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington?

Isn't that Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, a.

Barbie's in pink.

Pink Retro Barbies: too bad I cut their hair and pierced their ears with stick pins :( I used to have all the original Barbie clothing with zippers, tags etc.

Electric Raspberry

snortleme: “Happy Houses of the Holy - released March 1973 ”