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Hupa elk horn purses. The shed horns are easier to work with, they are lighter in weight which means that the walls of the horn are thinner which is what you want. Thinner walls mean more room inside and they are easier to scrape the marrow out of. Fresh horns are so much harder to work with when making these purses. Small ones are very hard because they are nearly solid inside and very difficult to scrape out. LBD

The Gallic War: Seven Commentaries on the Gallic War With an Eighth Commentary by Aulus Hirtius

Hupa artist George Blake's elk horn broadbase purse. LBD

Elk horn spoons by Hupa artist George Blake, 1995. "Wooden acorn spoons were the first things I made. In high school, I was living with my aunt and uncle. It was their time to take the leadership role in the Deerskin Dance, and they didn't have spoons. My aunt started making baskets. With a bandsaw from high school, I cut that spoon angle out. I knew at the time that my hands were kind of gifted for this. So I jumped into making acorn spoons, and it seemed to bloom from then on." LBD

Elk horn man's spoon, made by Hupa artist George Blake. LBD

Elk horn man's spoon, made by Hupa artist George Blake. LBD

Hupa artist George Blake, silver cuff with Hupa design on it. LBD

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