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I can't help but smile when I see this. by tricia

I want a donkey. They're very social animals, so probably two donkeys and a bunch of goats. Imagine having a bad day and just go to your donkeys and hug them

Aww baby donk

donkeys help make mules, mules are sterile. so that means donkeys help keep the world mule population pretty manageable.

What a friendly donkey (:

Funny images of the day pics) My Neighbor Has A Mini Donkey That Wll Chase You Up The Driveway Untill .

"It looks like a rabbit with wheels"  I pinned this bc of the caption..haha I can't stop laughing

Cute baby camel

hobbitdragon: “ deathbeforedigital: “ frombaghdadwithlove: “ musaafer: “ bluesorceress: “ Omg this is the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen in my life. ” IT’S A BABY CAMEL I AM SO DONE YOU.

Little Kangaroo- Oh how sweet is he! And how awesome that he is wearing a cloth diaper :)

This precious little kangaroo joey was rescued from a forest fire. Isn't he adorable? At first, I thought he was wearing tiny little diapers, but then I thought to myself, "don't be silly. he's a baby kangaroo, so those must be under-roos".

Baby micro mini

Funny pictures about Sad Little Horse. Oh, and cool pics about Sad Little Horse. Also, Sad Little Horse photos.

My own size step come on it is fun!!

Animal Pictures on

Funny pictures about Baby goat conquers human. Oh, and cool pics about Baby goat conquers human. Also, Baby goat conquers human.

My move to Limestone Tennessee and no human neighbors brought about my interest in cows.  We were surrounded by them almost.  I watched them alot.  I learned things and shared my day with cows. Mowing,raking,making flower gardens and conversations with cows.

Valentines Day Calf This little ox calf was born at Yamakun Farm near Tokyo, Japan a few years ago with a large white heart shaped patch of hair on it’s forehead.