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Doctor Who TARDIS Play Dress

Some people might think it's weird to dress up as a police box but anyone interested in the Doctor Who TARDIS Play Dress isn't just 'some people;' they're

Gift Guide: Doctor Who Fangirl

Doctor Who Rose and the TARDIS Necklace: Sterling Silver

Inspired by the iconic time traveling police box, this rose patterned TARDIS necklace pays tribute to the Doctor and Rose Tyler's relationship. Handmade from co

I got this for my birthday and Im okay with Gryffindor but i really wish they had a Slytherin one. Its a comfy sweater but not feeling the Gryffindor. I LOVE SLYTHERIN!

Hulk vs Hulkbuster Swim

The ultimate showdown! Place your bets! Made in Australia  Fabric: Italian UPF Xtra Life LYCRA® containing ceramic core technology and superior Chlorine res